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The Last Song

The orchestra stopped singing and the showman appeared on the blue velvet covered stage. In a corner, someone calle... Citește în continuare

 • 16:52 - 09.11.2009

In Amber

Indian summer… and me, shooting clouds. Wind… grass…hill spines… nothingness, silent dissolution, crepitant life. ... Citește în continuare

 • 15:21 - 02.07.2009


In cyberspace everyone can hear you scream, but nobody actually cares. Now you can rest for a while, and the thi... Citește în continuare

 • 16:25 - 12.01.2009


It was November and the son of Bubba Winston was seen coming back home, on the old road coming from the City, stepp... Citește în continuare

 • 17:04 - 05.12.2008

The Witch

Jonathan pushed Meredith against the fence and kissed her. The girl threw her arms around his neck and pressed her ... Citește în continuare

 • 11:07 - 01.10.2008

The Bathroom Door

Motto: Wait in front of the door if you want it to open to you; Stick to your way if you want to be guided. No... Citește în continuare

 • 10:30 - 02.09.2008

Reinventing Don Quijote

Alonso Quijano reinvented himself under the name of Don Quijote and became a knight errant. All the knight errants ... Citește în continuare

 • 16:07 - 31.07.2008


The two tongues recreated after Madonna's tongue, a well-known singer a few decades before, were tossing in the foa... Citește în continuare

 • 17:09 - 30.06.2008


When I first met him, Halting Sam was very old. He got to look like he was made of skin and bones. Black, rippled, ... Citește în continuare

 • 11:03 - 02.06.2008

Madia Mangalena

Madia Mangalena's face fills the whole screen. The bluish filter emphasizes her discretely retouched eyes. The prop... Citește în continuare

 • 11:02 - 02.06.2008