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The Last Song

Dan Merisca • 16:52 - 09.11.2009 • 

The orchestra stopped singing and the showman appeared on the blue velvet covered stage. In a corner, someone called the waiter for a glass of water. The black swan in the marble pool just in the middle of the room, was swelling its feathers…

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be listening to the newest musical creation. You have a unique chance. Mr. K. is the one honored to present it to you. Mr. K., please! It’s time for you to appear on the stage! And the showman began to clap his hands, stirring the audience.

A man rose from a table, mounted the few steps and entered into the square of greenish light. He was not the kind of man one would remember seeing in the street. He wore something like a gray tail – coat and the white cuffs emphasized the impression of obsolete clothing.

“Mr. K., what will you play for us tonight?”

On the other side of the room, the bartender was leaning on the handle of the drip – coffee maker, staring indifferently to the stage.

“I’ll try…, I don’t know how to tell you; it’s difficult enough to explain what I intend” – he uttered shyly and sadly. “But I promise you there will be nothing sharp, nothing shocking. In fact, you will not even notice it. I shall sing something, but this is not the main problem. Really important it’s the fact that you’ll be witnesses to the last song which will be played. In reality, this song doesn’t even exist now. It will be born at the same time with my play. It’s creation and consuming will carry on in front of you, for you and together with you. I love you all!”

“Thank you” said the showman and went off his square of light to disappear forever behind the curtain.

Mr. K. looked to the left but – probably – he didn’t find what he wanted and he turned again his face to the audience. Finally, somebody climbed the stage bringing him a big box. He took his instruments out of it.

After a few moments of silence the people could listen to the last song. But nobody took account of Mr. K.’s words the bartender too – he had found under the counter some egg – sandwiches and now he was eating absent – mindedly.

Tomorrow, there will be, like yesterday, the same show. The same clients. Another musician perhaps.

In the pool with fluorescent water, the swan put into water its long neck.
English version by Alina & Dan Popescu





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