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The two tongues recreated after Madonna’s tongue, a well-known singer a few decades before, were tossing in the foam trying to reach him.
However, he had had enough of all these. Damn muscles! They are only capable of rubbing you to death! "No more washing. In fact today it’s my day off."
He went in the bathroom and the cells of the carpet changed their form while he was stepping on it. The red nucleotide and green mitochondrion nucleus migrated to the residua that seemed blue on the transparent background of the cytoplasm. (This rug looks dirty. Tomorrow I’ll have to call the housekeeper to sweep it!) Behind him, the structure rebuilt its initial pattern. He lifted the net of the reticular and conjunctive fibers behind which he had the make-up case.
"You’ll have a great time! It will be something special," his friends had told him" you’ll remember it as long as you live!" Three fragments of lungs cut out in form of a tongue were throbbing inside the cancerous formation of a ring-shape montage. " Real cool those guys from Esthetic Bionic’s!"
"Oh, look at this", he exclaimed staring at a black arm that had blossomed four little white child-like palms since he last wore it. "I need to have it fixed." He chose two index fingers with long nails carefully painted in red and hung them by his ears. He took the arm and coiled it around his neck. It wasn’t the fanciest trimming, but the classic clothes had always suited him.
He mirrored himself in the retinal tissue that was covering the whole ceiling and was making all the chicks mad about it and willing to spend some time in his bedroom. He was looking well, without any ostentation. "It’s no use covering my body in ulcerations and wounds. A man of good taste will never smarten up with such things!"
When he went out, the guards sprayed his body with a substance synthesized in the nourishing layer of the block. " They are afraid the won’t recognize me when I come back. This damn over-population."
It was warm outside, the sky was clear and phosphorescent creatures were floating down the canal. The plants on the banks were winding their stalks and the spiral microbes were crawling on the hot pavement. They crossed the border between the districts and reached an unknown zone. Colonies of symbiotic mushrooms were growing on smooth epidermis of the blocks. The pores – miniaturized craters – were erupting sweat and mineral water, which were falling down the tanned skin. He sniffed the strange scent in the air.
On his way, he noticed some people looking at him with discontent. Of course, those stupid workers from the outskirts had no idea what it meant to be in fashion!

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